«It was recommended that I consult Dr. Norbert Kurland, having seen so many doctors that could do nothing for my FIBROMYALGIA. I saw him yesterday for the first time in his pain clinic in Kfar Saba. I was not disappointed. He is exactly as he had been described to me. I have never met in my life so far a doctor like him. His consultation is thorough, he listens, asks questions, and examines like no one ever had examined me. He knows the FIBROMYALGIA as no one, looks for a cause, which according to him may be different from one case to another, no other doctor does this. Not to mention his kindness and availability. I have not yet started treatment, but he said it will be different from anything I've had so far, and I will be able to recover the life I had before. I have regained confidence in medicine after a single consultation with Dr. Kurland. He gave me the hope that I had abandoned years ago. I am looking forward to seeing him to start his treatment».

Sonia, 42 year old, lawyer, fibromyalgia since 6 years



« I am 37 year old, mother of 3 children. I've suffered from fibromyalgia for over 10 years. I am writing these few lines to thank you for the effectiveness of your treatment. You have been taking care of me for a year, and from the very first months I have seen a drastic improvement in my fibromyalgia. You were the first to discover that I had hypothyroidism, and that it was responsible for my fibromyalgia. Since you balanced my thyroid, I feel perfectly well, without the fatigue that was undermining my existence for years, without the chilliness that I had permanently. I quickly saw disappear my impaired memory and concentration, my mood is back the way it was 10 years ago, and my fibromyalgia pain has almost disappeared. I am much more active during the day. Many thanks».




«Doctor Kurland, what is written about you in the forum of fibromyalgia is so true. I recommend you to all those I meet who are helpless with this disease. You're the only doctor able to help them. I am a living example. You detected that my immune system was weak, and you told me that by reinforcing it, I will become the person I was before my illness. You have treated me with a treatment that no doctor had ever offered me. I got from you a full support, a holistic care as you say, and I have appreciated this approach. Dr. Kurland, you have changed my life and I'm grateful. You're the doctor that I hoped to meet for years, and God put you on my way. May God bless you and protect you and your family».

Myriam, 57 year old, fibromyalgic since I am 27



« My Fibromyalgia worsened the last 4 years. I suffered for 25 years. I'm 43 year old. I consulted many doctors and could not live without painkillers or antidepressants, they unceasingly renewed the prescriptions.  I even tried Lyrica that I quickly stopped. Despite these treatments, my life was hell. Not long before I came to your clinic, I stopped working completely and sold my business. The first words you said to me were: "It's a pity that you came only now, I would have put you back to work". I never thought I could ever live without morphine, that I took daily, or Cymbalta that I took those past 3 years, for lack of anything better (after having taken other antidepressants, such Elatrolet). In fact, only hydrotherapy had given me some relief, but temporarily. Coming to you, I had in mind you would prescribe the Guaifenesin, but you decided something else. You managed to find the proper treatment, the one that suits me. I live my life fully now, I have a good quality of life without pain and your treatments do not cause me any side effects. Thanks to you, I'm back to work, not as the boss I used to be but as an employee, it is better than nothing. Your diagnostic and therapeutic approach is different than other doctors, which makes all the difference. Thank you for your support which is so effective. I recommend you to anyone who cares to listen to me».




«I am a pharmacist.  I inquired about Guaifenesin before coming to see you. Many sites are very much in favor of this treatment. Anyway, I was suffering too much from fibromyalgia not to try your treatment, after the failures of all the others. Your consultation is remarkable in that it explores not only fibromyalgia but all associated pathologies. The Guaifenesin has been a success for me. I am relieved of my symptoms in about 70% after 5 months of treatment, and I no longer take pain killers. Thank you for the care you take to look after me and your dedication».

Marina, 39 year old, fibromyalgic since 4 years



«The chronic fatigue syndrome is what worried me most for 6 years. My pain was essentially migraines. I am 33, and I am a bank employee. All my biological tests were normal, according to my doctor. You had me investigated more thoroughly, and highlighted adrenal fatigue and a thyroid hormone T3 level located in the lower third of the standard. That explained, according to you, all my troubles and the overweight which I could not lose. Your treatment, tailored to the cause, corrected completely my fatigue. I gradually lost 13 kilos and my migraines are rare. I can concentrate on my work, which it hasn't happen for long time. I've taken your treatment for 8 months, and you have assured me that it was not a lifelong treatment. I do sport, as before. Thank you from all my heart».




«I've suffered from Lyme disease for 15 years, and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 7 years ago. Besides my body pain, I've suffered from severe depression since that time. I am on antidepressant drugs, and I am followed by a psychiatrist. You have demonstrated that I have a coinfection to my Lyme disease, a Mycoplasma infection. You put me on antibiotics that I pursue for 4 months. I did not believe at first, but gradually my fibromyalgia symptoms decreased (after a transient aggravation, you had warned me - Herxheimer reaction, a positive one). Currently my improvement is of 80%, and my depression has virtually disappeared. You told me that I will soon no longer need to take an antidepressant. This is a miracle. You told me that you will soon space the antibiotics. It's just amazing to treat fibromyalgia and depression by such a treatment. I wanted to express my experience, it may help other patients. Thank you».

Sheryl, 67 year old, Lyme's disease for 15 years, FMS since 7 years, severe depression



"I hope you will publish my testimony. I am 73 years old. I am treated with an antidepressant drug, Cipralex, for fibromyalgia diagnosed 13 years ago. I am also very tired. The treatment does not help my daily muscle pain but allows me to sleep six hours in a row. My doctor put on the account of Cipralex my dry mouth and eyes that really crippled me. From the first consultation with you, you issued a doubt about the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, and looked for a dry syndrome, named  Sjögren's syndrome. It was confirmed by a test at the eye doctor and blood tests. Although fibromyalgia and dry syndrome can occur together, you have refuted the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. The gradual withdrawal of Cipralex has significantly reduced my dry syndrome, and a few drops of Valerian do enough to sleep properly. Your treatment is not only effective against my pain and my fatigue, but it saw the antibodies of Sjogren's decline sharply. You told me that you never take the diagnosis of fibromyalgia established by one of your colleagues as hard cash, you wipe the state clean and start over. You questioned the diagnosis and have been right. Thank you for your approach and your care».




GUAIFENESIN is, without a doubt, the most potent and safest weapon I have found for reversing fibromyalgia. For the past five years I have devoted my career to the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. Each day, new patients and their doctors become convinced of the effectiveness of GUAIFENESIN. Doctors and patients are spreading the word, making this treatment known.
The road to recovery is a difficult one, the road to recovery is a journey, not a sprint, but the final destination is general well-being.
It may appear to be too much to ask of a person who is already miserable, to endure reversal cycles, and to give up favorite foods along with many other restrictions necessary in order to avoid salicylates while taking GUAIFENESIN. However, the reward is great when the patient notices his symptoms disappearing.



"At the end of this road you will find your life again", writes J.G. to a friend. "Is this worth anything you have to endure? It is similar to the process of birth. At the end of the agony of labor you are gifted with a new life. The pain is forgotten in the joy. The reward is the most precious thing you can possess, your health."
Getting well is the finest gift there is, and GUAIFENESIN is the solution. Have faith, not only in GUAIFENESIN, but also in yourself.



A patient, A.D. ends her letter with these words: "My good days became more and more frequent. I am currently about 90% improved from using the guaifenesin treatment for four years. Thank you. I am looking forward to the next mapping."



"When I first heard about GUAIFENESIN," writes S. B. a 58 year old patient, "I thanked G-d that there is a doctor in Israel to help me. Nothing could have stopped me from trying. You know I have been through so much with this disease over the years. The fear of a little more pain was not going to stop me. My FMS seemed to be getting only worse over the years and here was a chance to change that. I wanted to get well, and here you are, with your dear wife, Rita. My prayers go to her every day. I knew that she was there, helping me step by step with the cosmetics. I knew that everything was written on the internet, but with my poor concentration, how would I have managed alone? Thank G-d, Rita checks every box and bottle. She knows all the ingredients, what to avoid, what is O.K. And if there is any doubt, do you know doctor that your wife always calls me back. And how do they know on internet which salicylate-free products are available in Israel? Rita knows. And having a doctor like you makes me feel good and is my guarantee of success. I know the road back to good health will seem long, as I repeat your own words, doctor. Having been on GUAIFENESIN for 8 months, I probably have another two to three years to clear my system. I can already do more things, socially and mentally, and I have more energy. My pains have almost disappeared. I have already recovered some of the things in my live that I had lost. I am now able to meet friends at their home or mine, I am able to go to the theater and to take care of my grand-children. I can plan my life, tanks to you."



I wish to express my gratitude to all my patients who have sent me such glowing testimonials.


"My rheumatologist told me I would have to learn to live with the pain and illness for the rest of my life. He then gave me a prescription with a new antidepressant, and the same anti-epileptic medicine that helps me sleep. Why didn't he offer guaifenesin to me? If there is anything that can help slow down or reverse my miserable disease, why not try? I am 27 years old with two little girls that keep crying when they see how bad I feel. By chance, I met one of your patients who recommended you, he swears by you. I don't believe in coincidence; all is in G-d's hands."

This is a letter that I received recently from S.K.



Most doctors today realize that fibromyalgia is not a psychological illness. If they have learnt how to diagnose fibromyalgia, most don't know of the use of GUAIFENESIN in the treatment of the underlying cause of fibromyalgia.


"I am glad I did not stop taking the GUAIFENESIN because I didn't see results soon enough. The happiest part for me is that the fog over my brain has lifted. My concentration and memory have improved, I don't panic as I used to. Now I have had a full week free of symptoms. I do admit that when the day is over I am exhausted, but I am sleeping well and am ready to go in the morning. Now I know that things will get better."

This is a testimony of S. M. a quick responder, after only 5 months on GUAIFENESIN. For the first 3 months there was no response and she was very disappointed. She is now euphoric.



On a forum, L.S. wrote: "Just do the protocol. Let time pass and stick it out. Come to the mapping when you are told to. Don't worry so much about whether it is working or not. Let time pass. Nobody gets well from GUAIFENESIN in a month or even two. If you have been sick for a long time, which most of us have, realize it takes time to get well. Stop watching the clock and live each day to the most you can. Try to think of something other than illness. Let the GUAIFENESIN work. Concentrate and have faith that if others can get well on this protocol, you can too. When I first met Doctor Kurland and learnt how he could help me with the GUAIFENESIN treatment, I felt hopeful for the first time in ages".


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