• GUAIFENESIN assists the kidneys to excrete phosphates
GUAIFENESIN assists the kidneys to excrete phosphates. GUAIFENESIN works at the kidney level on the cells of the proximal tubules. GUAIFENESIN is beneficial because it binds to receptor sites within the kidneys, opens wide their taps, resulting in an increased rate of phosphate excretion in the primitive urine. As the kidneys, with the help of GUAIFENESIN, eliminate more phosphates, the cells in the body that have been storing excess phosphate can begin to release it little by little using a mechanism comparable to communicating vessels. Facilitating the purge of phosphates by the kidneys, GUAIFENESIN purges consequently the fibromyalgic cells from their noxious substances.
This is analogous to the water system in homes. Let us imagine a central tap equipped with its filter (the kidney) draining a main water pipe (the blood system) in which is pouring out thousands of small reservoirs (the fibromyalgic cells) that have collected rain water. When the central tap is turned on, it pulls out under pressure some water from the entire system of the small reservoirs into the main water pipe, which will bring the water to the filter, no matter how great the distance between the reservoirs and the filter may be. Ultimately, the amount of water in the small reservoirs is lowered in proportion to the amount poured out from the central tap through its filter.
Due to the action of GUAIFENESIN on the kidneys, the metabolic debris are removed out of the cells of affected tissues, one batch of debris after the other. Released from those debris, the cells will again produce all the ATP required. The ATP, that controls all kind of biological pumps, will again pump calcium, stored in abnormal sites, into regular calcium stores or into the bloodstream. The cells will no longer be hyperactive 24 hours a day. The cells will once again be able to rest, thereby restoring their functional energy systems.
Because GUAIFENESIN does not repair the kidneys themselves, it is not a cure and must be continually taken to maintain proper phosphate elimination.
GUAIFENESIN and salicylates
When in use for fibromyalgia, GUAIFENESIN does not work when salicylates are in the blood. Aspirin and all sorts of salicylates, mainly within cosmetics, block GUAIFENESIN's action. All biological cells have surface areas that house thousands of natural receptors. Drugs are manufactured to occupy this or that receptor, and cells under their influence will perform or inhibit specific actions. In the kidneys, the cells of the proximal renal tubule house the receptors that permit access to GUAIFENESIN. Unfortunately, the salicylates get to the same special receptor sites in the kidneys that are needed for GUAIFENESIN to work; the salicylates molecules have even a better affinity for those receptors than GUAIFENESIN. In the presence of even small amounts of salicylates, the receptor sites in the proximal tubule cells are closed for GUAIFENESIN use, preventing GUAIFENESIN from reaching its destination and having its desired effect. But in the presence of salicylates GUAIFENESIN will keep its property to loosen and liquefy mucus, as expectorant in cold and cough remedies, because this mucolytic action of GUAIFENESIN concerns other receptors somewhere else.
• What does the phosphate retention theory explain?
It explains:
What causes of all the symptoms of FMS
That the wide variety of symptoms is related to one and unique disease, and is the result of one underlying malfunction;
Why symptoms may be mild or severe depending on the degree, genetically determined, of the defective enzymes in the kidneys;
That dysfunction and therefore symptoms are in the areas where the phosphates are stored;
That all the cells in the body are potentially concerned, but not all the cells are "touched" the same way and at the same time;
Why accumulation of phosphate in the cells and therefore symptoms may slowly appear;
Why the symptoms vary widely in their intensity and frequency, may change from week to week in some people, may come and go without reason, or remain stable for years in other people;
That fibromyalgia may appear at any age;
That more the phosphates are stored in various body locations more the dysfunctions and the symptoms increase and add to each other;
That the movement of excess phosphate into and out the cells all through the years determines the extent of involvement;
Why GUAIFENESIN is a therapy to all these symptoms;
That efficacy over the time of GUAIFENESIN on all the symptoms shows that they are closely connected;   
What is the cause of lumps and bumps;
Why the lumps and bumps gradually decrease when the therapeutic dose of GUAIFENESIN is reached, and at last disappear;
Why GUAIFENESIN is blocked by salicylates when it is used to treat fibromyalgia;
Why GUAIFENESIN is a life time treatment until gene therapy is found to cure the genetic component   of fibromyalgia.
• Discussion
The phosphate retention theory provides an explanation of why and how GUAIFENESIN works. Several research studies have found an increase excretion of phosphate in the urine while taking GUAIFENESIN, some have not. It does not change the fact that GUAIFENESIN is a significant help for most people who use it correctly. The fact that GUAIFENESIN does work is much more important than how it works. It should be remembered that there are many effective medications used in health care even though little is known as to their mechanism of action.
Some people disprove the phosphate retention theory. It is there right, and as well to defend another theory. It should be remembered that the phosphate retention theory is an attempt to explain how GUAIFENESIN is therapeutic, not if it is therapeutic. Some people dismiss GUAIFENESIN as an effective therapy. It is also there right. There is no denying that GUAIFENESIN has worked for thousands of people worldwide. These were patients that had seen many doctors for a period of years and had tried, in vain, dozens of therapies and treatments. But GUAIFENESIN and only GUAIFENESIN was able to create for them long-term improvement of all symptoms.
Important is the fact that those healthy people would see all their symptoms back again if GUAIFENESIN is stopped. (Click for more)
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